Free Fire Diamond Hack-Free Fire No Human Verification

What is Free Fire Diamond Hack ?

Free fire Diamond Hack, Free fire is a ultimate survival game, 50 Players competes against each other on a island. Each and every player drive vehicles, hide themselves in grass. All of them explores the map and choose a safe zone as long as possible. Players snipe against their rival for conquering theirs ultimate goal of surviving till Last to win the game. And there are Diamonds used as in game currency to buy Characters of different abilities which help them to survive till last and achieve Victory, Gun Skin, Backpack Skin, Surf Board Skin ,etc.

Free Fire Diamond Hack App


Free Fire Diamond Hack
(Image Credits – Codashop)

Codashop is one of the most trusted and used app with a Global rank of #4807. It enables an Indian user to make payments through all accepted payments methods like PAYTM, UPI, NET BANKING. Codashop also provides a money saving offer, whenever a user makes a payment of 500 through PAYTM or Paytm UPI he can get a cashback upto 500 instantly.

Step by step I have explained here how to purchase diamonds or top up from Codashop –

  1. Click on the above Codashop icon, it will redirect you to their website.
  2. Now you have to scroll down and click on the Free Fire icon.
  3. Now you have to enter your player ID in the box as shown below.
(Image Credit – Codashop)

4. Now select the Recharge of amount you want to make by clicking on it.

(Image Credit – Codashop)

5. Now select your preferred payment Mode as you can se below.

(Image Credit – Codashop)

6. If you want a receipt of your payment enter your e-mail in the box and then click on Buy Now Button as you can se below.

(Image Credit – Codashop)

2. Winzo Gold

Free Fire Diamond Hack
(Image Credit – Winzo Games)

Winzo Games is also one of the leading gaming platform that offers a lot of games including Free Fire, Rummy, Carrom, Fantasy Sports, etc. This is a platform which offers more than 70+ games of different categories like Arcade, Casual, Sports, Cards, Action, Battle Royale, etc. This platform not only provides entertainment but also gives you a chance to earn some money too by playing Tournamnets, Tag team Tournaments and win cash directly into your bank account.

Step by step I have explained here how to purchase diamonds or top up from Winzo Game –

  1. Click on the above link, it will redirect you to the winzo game official site.
  2. Now on that page you will see a box ,enter your Mobile number in it and then click on Get Download Links On SMS.
  3. Now you will see a link in your phone click on the link and download the app.
  4. Then install it and open it.
  5. Now sign up in the app and then click on the winzo store.
  6. There you will see the Free Fire banner click on it.
  7. Check out available packs and click on buy now button.
  8. Thats it.

3. Google Play Store

Free Fire Diamond Hack
( Image Credit – news18 )

Google Play Store is the most trusted platform all over the world, having the largest collections of apps in the world. Google play store provides in app purchase on free fire which enables a user to purchase the diamond directly from there.

Step by step I have explained here how to purchase diamonds or top up from Google Play Store –

  1. Open Free Fire game.
  2. At the top of the game window you will see a diamond icon there, click on it.
  3. After that you will see different diamond recharge options there, select the appropriate one and proceed.
  4. Then fill the upi details confirm it.
  5. Instantly your diamond will be credited in your game.

What is Booyah, Booyah meaning and Booyah live ?

In Free Fire 50 players complete with each other and the one who wins the game then they celebrate their victory by “BOOYAH” instead of Hurrah or winner tag. Or we can say BOOYAH MEANING is to describe happiness in terms of this game. BOOYAH LIVE is a app, it is a Place where players of free fire came live to show their playing skills, how they overcome their obstacles in game, they interact with their viewers by replying their comments, gifting some Characters, skins, Diamond, Guns skins, etc. You can also join this BOOYAH LIVE by installing the BOOYAH app from here BOOYAH LIVE.

You could also win some diamonds, tickets, coins from BOOYAH LIVE app by watching some video, doing some tasks, liking others video, commenting on them, by sharing them, or following them. And you have to watch 10 min of video for multiple times for getting some rewards.

Free Fire Diamond Hack No Human Verification

If you are finding a hack, then I will suggest not waste your time in doing so. Because all of that is a trap, the website which is claiming that they are providing the real hack is totally fake. All of that which they are claiming is just a trap for their own sake for their own earnings. Even if you clear the No Human Verification then also an error will occur, so there is no hack of it. This website doesn’t provide any type of hack or cheats and is totally against this illegal offense. There is a legal way to getting Diamond which is literally by buying them from their original source which helps the developer of the game and its Legit too.

Can we Hack Diamond Generator-

There are no free methods to generate Diamonds, everyone who is letting that you can hack Diamonds is totally Fake, they provide false proof of hacking and make you believe in them. Which indirectly is beneficial for them only. Because they are earning with these Free Fire Diamond Hack No Human Verification and by google ads too. And by the end of the day what you got is nothing. So believe me and stop running behind those fakers, because again I am saying that there are no free methods for getting free Diamond. Only there is one legit way of getting Diamonds at a very cheap price which is Codashop. Codashop is a real diamond generator platform from which you can buy diamond at a discounted price. So, instead of going with the hacks use codashop for buying diamonds at a very effective price and avoid piracy and hacks.

What is Lulubox Free Fire Diamond Hack

Lulubox is a type of game plugin for android game lovers. Which allows you to create a duplicate account same as like clone app. For experiencing this app user must install this app and run the game through lulubox or we can say that he has to open it lulubox app with the clone account.

With lulubox you can Unlock all fashion of Garena Free Fire game, skins, coins, themes and chatroom for players and mod developers too.

What is Lulubox Free Fire Diamond Download

We strictly do not support any hacking or cheating. We suggest you buy the diamonds and play the game freely which is beneficial for developers of the game only. If still you want to try this thing you can search it on apkpure and install from there. We do not provide any downloading links or any hacks and we are against this too.

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Free Fire Hack

Honestly speaking there is no hack of this game. So don’t waste your time here and there you will not find anything related to the hack. This is also an illegal activity to apply some cracks or cheats or any kind of hacks. The owner or developer of this game made this game very adventurous and enjoyable by doing a lot of hard work. So, by cracking their game or applying any kind of hacks you are showing disrespect to their respective owners. We are strictly against all these activities so cooperate with them. And beware of the ones who try to trap you by claiming that they can give you hack or some free tools by which you can do anything with the game.

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